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Math Support Services

Welcome to Math Support Services

Imagine a learning center for students who challenge themselves in math and science!
We’re MORE than just a tutoring center – we are a supplemental private school specializing in transferrable classes and academic test preparation.

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Math Support Services has been fully accredited since 1997. The WASC accrediting commission is the same organization that accredits public schools, colleges and universities in the western United States.

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Our Philosophy

Children have different needs and learning styles. Great care is given to matching a tutor with a student. Every tutor is hand picked to meet the optimum success of each student.

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Meet Our Team

We have some amazing educators here at Math Support Services.  We encourage you to check out our team page to meet some of them!

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Homework Café

Doing homework at the Homework Café takes the stress of homework out of the home!  A low ratio (1:6) of instructors to students insures ample opportunity to ask questions.

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Virtual Tour

Check out our facilities right here online!  A virtual tour of our space is just a click away and you can see where the magic happens before coming in to enroll!

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Contact Us To Enroll

Contact us now to enroll your student.  We strive to teach all the necessary skills your student needs to be successful and achieve their goals!

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“Math Support Services is a place of academic growth and enrichment, a sort of Mecca for students who desire to perform above the average, to think out of the box, and most of all for those who crave knowledge.”
-Keya (2014 Grad, accepted at Yale, attending UC Irvine)

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Understanding Learning Disabilities-Part V

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