The College Board has expanded their “Assessment Suite” to include a NEW PSAT 8/9 to assess the foundations of understanding as students enter into high school driving the quest for better college readiness beginning in 8th grade! There will now be two PSAT exams, one for 10th graders and one for 11th.  However, only the 11th graders are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship program. This test will be launching in the fall of 2015.

The most important test continues to be the SAT, and is offered throughout the school year.  Students should begin preparing with the PSAT and continue to prepare throughout 11th grade, taking the test in both their junior and senior year.

How has The College Board changed the NEW SAT exam?

  • Relevant Words in Context – The words and phrases used will focus on language commonly found in texts and in different subjects.
  • Command of Evidence- The Writing and Language Test will require organizing the structure of their response in a logical sequence. The Essay, will require students to analyze, persuade use evidence, and reasoning, and write a clear analysis supported by the evidence.
  • Essay Analyzing a Source- The NEW Essay will be very different from the current SAT, requiring the student to explain how the passage persuades the reader using.
  • Math that Matters Most- The exam will focus in depth on Problem Solving, Data Analysis, Algebra, and Advanced Math, including problems in science, social science. The Advanced Math focuses on complex equations including geometric and trigonometric skills.
  • Problems Grounded in Real-World Contexts – The Math section will feature multistep applications to solve problems in science, social science and other real-life contexts.
  • Analysis in Science and in History/Social Studies- will call on the same sorts of knowledge and skills that students will use in college, in their jobs to make sense of recent discoveries and political developments.
  • The Great Global Conversation and U.S. Founding Documents- Every time students take the redesigned SAT, they will encounter a passage from a text from this global conversation.

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