Many parents want to give their child an advantage when it comes to education and private schools can be a great choice. These schools can offer higher academic expectations, more of a focus on values and self-discipline, community service, leadership, and a focus on the arts. Unfortunately, for most families, they are financially out of reach or they are unavailable where you live. The good news is that there are several ways to get many of the benefits of private school on a budget.

  1. Let your kids know your expectations and your values

Private schools spend time to develop character and values, but you can do this with your children. Do your kids know what your expectations and values are? Kids learn values by watching the behavior and actions of their parents and other respected adults. But you can help them understand and adopt values you think are most important by listing them and posting them in your house for all them to see.

  1. Seek out academic enrichment

We are blessed to have great schools in Santa Clarita and all of our kids are going to gain basic and important knowledge at school. However, due to the large class sizes, we can supplement our children’s education and help them to develop how to think and ask insightful questions, or develop their sense of purpose and become inspired to pursue interests in many broad categories.

You can easily supplement your child’s schooling if you proactively seek out enrichment opportunities after school. You will find after-school programs that provide challenging, engaging, and inspiring content for kids.

  • Add to your child’s education with tutoring or take advantage of academic courses at Math Support Services. We are the experts in supporting Common CORE math and science. Students will improve their study skills and test prep as well.  Start as early as 5th grade and stay through community college!
  • Local community centers like the YMCA and the City often offer academic and fun classes for kids to explore.
  • Find out if your school offers a Math Olympiad or MathCounts team.
  1. Foster creativity and imagination

In addition to academic enrichment, there are programs you can get involved in which help kids develop their creativity and imagination. Local colleges provide programs focused on the arts for high school students. Adding music education can also improve memory and the ability to do mathematics as well.

  1. Build verbal and written communication skills

The ability to be at ease in social situations and speak in front of an audience are vital skills in virtually every career field. Help your child discover their voice by joining a drama club or investing in a public-speaking course.

  1. Foster an appreciation for the arts

Make time to visit a museum or attend a show once every few months. You’ll expose your child to the arts and show them how valuable they are.

With a relatively small investment of time and money in each of these five areas, you can get many of the benefits of an elite private school education at a fraction of the cost.