Peggy Cannistraci

Director of Math Support Services and MSS Academy

Peggy Cannistraci has dedicated herself to excellence in education for over 30 years. Watching her three children face academic difficulties, in spite of their intelligence, drove her passion to help students achieve their goals. Her vision of supporting students who need a more personalized setting is what started Math Support Services in 1993.

Peggy holds a B.A. in Mathematics, a M.S. in Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction for Secondary Education and a Clear California Teaching Credential. In 2011, she was inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame at College of the Canyons. Her service to students and families continues as she served as president for 5 years for the Santa Clarita Youth Orchestra and for the last 10 years serving on the College of the Canyons Foundation Board as the Alumni and Friends Chair.

In her spare time, Peggy enjoys spending time with her husband and eight grandchildren, going to the beach, cooking, gardening and art.

Administrative Staff

Brittany H

Brittany graduated with her B.S. in Psychology from CSU, Long Beach. She has experience as an assistant accountant for several celebrity clients, which focused her drive on attending to others in the midst of managing their accounts. Brittany states that, “the best part of working at Math Support is helping people to be successful in their endeavors and working with colleagues that enjoy learning from each other”. She enjoys going to the gym, dancing, and running Tough Mudders with her husband. Together they also love spending family time with their son.

Janelle G

Janelle is a vital part of our administrative staff.  She serves both as a counselor and administrative assistant to the president.  Janelle earned a B.S. in Liberal Studies, an M.S. in Educational Counseling, and holds a Clear Pupil Personnel Services Credential.  Her passion is empowering students to meet the challenges that arise academically and personally during their junior and senior high school years.  She also desires that parents learn how to support their children during this often confusing and emotional stage of their lives. In her spare time, you might find Janelle enjoying her time as an "Auntie" to her 10 nieces and nephews, hiking trails in the local mountains, snowshoeing at Mammoth Mountain, or rocking out at a country music concert.

Kristi H

Assistant Director of Educational Services

Kristi graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration and Quantitative Business Analysis from Arizona State. Her passion for alternative methods of education developed after home schooling her ADHD son. Because of her own son’s struggles with academics, she recognizes the challenges some students face. She loves seeing the transformation of struggling students as they start to feel successful in math and realize what they can accomplish. When not at MSS, you may find Kristi curled up in front of the fireplace reading novels with a cup of coffee or escaping with her husband on weekend mini trips while texting her children to keep up with their college lives.

Sandra Y

Course Preparedness Coordinator/Teacher/Accounts Receivable

Sandra is pursuing her B.A. in Mathematics at CSUN to become a high school math teacher. Her patient and kind hearted characteristics for helping others makes her a passionate tutor. She has an innate ability to explain a concept in ways any student can understand which moves them towards success. Sandra enjoys surrealist painting using pastels and baking her sugar free mini pecan bites, yum.

Tanner W

Administrative Assistant

Tanner is a graduate from CSUN with a B.A. in Humanities—a major that allowed him the flexibility to explore creative writing, history, and cultural studies. To Tanner, the most valuable thing anyone can do is to overcome their greatest personal struggles; this is why he values the opportunity to work at Math Support, where students take strides to better themselves every day. When he is not at work, Tanner enjoys cooking for his friends and loved ones, checking out thrift stores, and working on his podcast.




AJ graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology from CSUN. He enjoys mentoring his students and making a difference. On the weekends you might find him hitting the gym with his work twin, Mark, or rowing. His most recent rowing adventure was competing at the International Dragon Boating Competition in the Philippines.

Allison K


Allison recently graduated with a B.S. in Bio-engineering, double minoring in History & Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University. She enjoys teaching Statistics, Calculus and Physics. Allison is baker at heart with her signature dish being gingerbread cookies.

Brandon F


Brandon is studying Computer Science with plans to venture into the world of game design, and to ultimately work for a video game design company. Math and science have always been Brandon’s best school subjects, and now he enjoys sharing his love of math with the students who come in. When he is not at work, you can find Brandon playing video games online with his friends.

Brooks I


Brooks is a graduate from UCLA with a B.A. in History and an Associate's Degree in Mathematics. With future plans of becoming a high school math teacher, Brooks most enjoys teaching his Statistics and Trigonometry classes. He likes helping his students feel confident with math concepts, and cares deeply about his students' success. Brooks is a master at solving the Rubik’s cube and plays the guitar in his spare time.

Clayton C


Clayton is a graduate from California Lutheran University with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science. He plans on obtaining his Master’s degree and then teaching College Mathematics. To Clayton, there is nothing better than having a student realize something they hadn’t known before—the a-ha! moment. When he is not studying topology and abstract algebra, Clayton enjoys computer programming, video games, and tabletop RPGs.

Cody R


Cody is currently working on his Computer Science degree. He enjoys tutoring both math and science, but especially Calculus, as it has the most practical applications in daily life. Cody’s favorite thing about tutoring is being able to connect with students of all different personalities. When he is not at work, you will probably find Cody running cross country.

Jared S


Jared has been accepted into the University of California, Berkeley, and will be starting classes in the fall. He will be double-majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, two fields which will one day hopefully lead to a career in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Besides being proficient in Calculus, Physics, and Computer Science, Jared is a skilled master of sound replication. His repertoire includes the trumpet, the cricket, the water drop, the dog whistle, and the platypus.

Jeremy P


Jeremy recently graduated from UC, Irvine with a B.A. in Mathematics. His career goals are to be an Actuary where he will analyze risk for insurance companies. Although he has been to all 50 states, during the summers you may catch him vacationing in his favorite state, Oregon.

Joonyoung H


Joonyoung, aka Joon, is an alumni from Cornell University where he earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering. He would consider his favorite subjects to be calculus and physics due to the real world applications for both. Joon has an ear for music; he sang in an a cappella group during his college years at Cornell and also enjoys playing instruments such as: guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, shamisen, and banjo. Looking at his career goals, Joon sees himself either entering the engineering field or continuing on his path of teaching!

Joshua C


Joshua (aka Mr. Cho) is a graduate from CSUN and is credentialed in both math and science. In the future he’d like to become a Dean of Curriculum. Joshua’s favorite subject to teach is Chemistry, because each concept comes with its own exciting discovery worth sharing. Working at Math Support is important to Joshua because he loves being an encouragement to his students. Fun fact: When he was in his twenties, Joshua broke the world record for a Nintendo video game.

Justin M


Justin graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from UC, Irvine. He enjoys teaching chemistry as he brings the problems to life differentiating his examples with colorful notes and diagrams. On any given night, you may find him rock climbing or practicing to perform traditional Philippine folk dances.

Loc D


Loc graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics from CSU, Northridge and has pursued graduate courses in math on his way to teaching at the college level. His favorite part of teaching is seeing his students succeed and move on to upper math levels. When he is not at work, you will find him composing music and cooking his signature dish, steak and mushrooms.

Marcus S


Marcus is a college student pursuing his degree in Mathematics, with plans to become a credentialed math teacher. His favorite math topics are ones that involve simplifying concepts that would otherwise take days to solve, like Euler’s Equation. If Marcus were to describe tutoring in two words, he would say that it’s both engaging and rewarding. Not only is Marcus a twin, but he also enjoys salsa dancing.

Matt S


Matt is a recent graduate from UC, Merced with a B.S. in Biology. By 2016, he plans to attend medical school to become a surgeon. As a former student at MSS, he is enthusiastic to tutor, striving to help students, helping them see success and gain a love of math and science again. On the weekends, you may find him playing Frisbee golf, soccer or road biking with his dad.

Nicole A


Nicole is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Biology, at California State University, Northridge. Her favorite part about being a tutor at Math Support is being an active part in her students’ academic growth. Nicole was involved in high school Show Choir; this led her to try out for The Voice, where she made callbacks twice!

Nolan B

Tutor and SAT/ACT Instructor

Nolan is a graduate from UC Irvine with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with plans of going to medical school and becoming a physician. Nolan teaches Biology and Chemistry at Math Support, and leads the SAT/ACT Workshop. He appreciates the opportunity to teach and to have direct impact on the academic careers of his students. In his off time, Nolan lifts weights and watches baseball games.

Paul T


Paul graduated UC, Merced with a B.S. in Bio Engineering. When tutoring students he enjoys the awesome feeling of seeing the “light bulb” come on when they finally understand the material. He is a technical person who actually enjoys snowboarding. His future plans are to attend a graduate program in Bioinformatics or Genetics at Cal Tech.

Renee R


Renee is pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering at College of the Canyons. At COC she actively participates in Gamma Beta Phi Honors Society serving as the tech officer. Tutoring brings a rewarding feeling to her when she sees students understand concepts they have had trouble grasping. In her spare time, you will find Renee at a Renaissance or Comic-Con Fair, watching romantic comedies or playing video games.

Sarah H


Sarah graduated with a double major from Loyola Marymount University with a B.S. in Mathematics and B.A. in Music and graduated with a M.S. in Computer Science from CSUN. After working in Aero Space for 5 years she decided to follow her passion of teaching math, ballet and music. Her favorite math subject to teach is geometry as she enjoys helping students approach problem solving in a variety of different ways. When she is not at work, you will find her taking care of her 3 boys, singing with the Santa Clarita Master Chorale, and tap dancing.

Shaun F


Shaun recently earned his Associate's degree in Mathematics and Physics as well as a degree in Welding Technology. He is currently attending Cal State Northridge and College of the Canyons working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. It is easy for Shaun to relate to the students he tutors due to his high school experience in Ireland when he was placed in Calculus ll after completing Algebra ll Trig in the States. It was essential for him to meet with a tutor in order to get caught up and understand the math material in between that he had missed. During his spare time, Shaun greatly enjoys riding his bike around town, playing games and fixing up cars.

Tory S


Tory is pursuing a degree in Pure Mathematics with aspirations to become a College Professor. He gained his love for math in college and enjoys helping his students understand math by using various teaching methods. In his spare time, you will find him restoring his classic car- 1965 Mustang, listening to music, biking or at the gym.