Do you ever think that your child is doing just enough to get by? That they are lazy or unmotivated? Well, there is one thing that keeps all of us from crossing over from good to great. The battle cry of the complacent: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  We are afraid to dream big and so are our children.  Good enough does not create opportunities or innovations.  Think of all the great new technological innovations we all use now and ask yourself what made the people who invented them different from us?

It is human nature for us to be comfortable if we are reasonable good at something, but in order to be great at anything it requires extreme effort. We need to expect our children to step it up when it comes to their effort. “Mediocrity ultimately breeds failure.”

Most of our children have the potential to do great things, and would do so if they were not focused on just doing well enough. If you want greatness to emerge then the hopes and dreams envisioned must be defined as things you must have, not just that it would be nice if they came true.

A common goal most parents’ is to mentor their children through college readiness and obtain competitive advantages, especially in education. We dream of our children attending college because we know it is important. Students with a college education will earn upwards of 75% more than students with only a high school diploma.

Math Support Services in conjunction with Pegasus 2 College Consulting will offer a workshop for parents providing timelines and an overview of the process of college admissions. “Roadmap to College” sessions will be held: Thursday, July 23 5-7pm for 7-9th graders and Thursday, July 30th 5-7pm for 10th-12th graders.

Register by calling 661-255-1730.