Every after-school and tutoring program aims to help students who struggle, but few offer gifted and high achieving students the ability to go beyond the minimum standards and accelerate their learning. Catering to bright young minds with a strong interest in math and science is more of a challenge than finding music, martial arts, sports or art programs.

Many parents believe in adding in extra curricular activities in these other areas to help their child be well rounded. However, just like learning an instrument, students who excel need much more than what a classroom teacher who is focused on many students can provide.

Enrichment in the STEM areas (math, science, engineering and math) allows students to hone their academic skills and furthers a natural interest in mathematics and technology outside school hours.

What should I look for in a tutoring center?

  • Find out the background of the Director and the qualifications of the staff. Centers that try to do everything will have a difficult time delivering on that promise.
  • Visit the facility; in fact visit several! The learning atmosphere is very important.
  • Verify that you child will be given one on one instruction. And if a small group is what you are looking for make sure that the group is all doing the same topic. Size matters; be sure the group has no more than three students for tutoring. Groups of 6 equate to your child getting 1/6 of the hour, which is NO bargain!
  • Get referrals and do online searches.

Last summer a mother called to report that her son “slept with his notebook next to his bed, “he said to me he did not want to attend summer camp because he did not want to miss Math Support’s enrichment class!” “I have loved to watch his transformation, and it is all because of this program!”

“It is abundantly clear to me that if we do not change the way inspire kids to learn and support them, we as a country will fall further behind” says Peggy Cannistraci at Math Support. Currently, U.S. students rank at the bottom of industrialized nations in knowledge of science, according to a Pew Research study.

Math Support Services serves as a supplement to regular schooling.

“My goal is to show students they can master math and science,” Peggy said.

The formula:

When Math Support opened, it offered math enrichment for grades 9-12. Now, it offers programs for 5th grade through college.  New additions include Study Skills courses, Architectural Design, junior high courses, individualized tutoring, transferable courses, summer school and now Homework Café for our youngest students.

Unlike school, student’s lessons are based on ability rather than grade level with the goal that all students are being challenged. Tutoring is one on one, and classes have 12 or fewer students.

For more information on our programs, please contact Peggy Cannistraci at 661 255 1730..