With the release of the NEW SAT in March of 2016 there is great concern about how this radically changed exam will affect college admissions. If your child plans to take this test, you absolutely need to know how to prepare.

In late December, the College Board writers released the most comprehensive sample problem set to date to date drawn from the new SAT and PSAT. The level of difficulty and sophistication of numerous test items was shocking.  If this practice set is an accurate reflection of the new test in development, it will be hardest SAT we’ve ever seen.

This test will mark the arrival of Common Core assessment on a national scale. Adhering to the new standards will define college readiness as they implement more advanced content and shift to more sophisticated question types.

While success on the current SAT is predicated upon a student’s ability to solve math, reading and writing items, the new SAT seeks to measure fluency and measure a student’s deeper understanding of tested content.

For rising juniors who will look to use the current SAT for college admissions, they must finish testing by January of their junior year. This would accelerate their testing timeline, which typically ends in June of junior year and occasionally spills over into the fall of senior year. These students will need to complete their preparation and take 2 or 3 official SAT administrations by January of next year.

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