Charter Schools We Work With

If your student attends a charter school or is homeschooled, we are here to help with your tutoring needs and classes! We are an approved vendor for the following homeschool and charter school programs in the Santa Clarita Valley.

College Readiness

Are you struggling to prepare your child for college entrance exams and placement tests? Our curriculum and courses can help ensure your student achieves a high enough level to stay competitive in college-level courses.

Complete Courses Managed and Taught by Qualified Instructors

Are you having trouble teaching your child’s math and science courses? These can be the most difficult subjects for any home-school family. Your child can take their math and science courses for credit here and Math Support Services Academy! We are WASC accredited and offer both math and science courses in private, semi-private, and group settings. Call us for more information at (661) 255-1730. Don’t forget to ask us about our discount for charter school and home-school students!

Charter and Homeschool Tutoring

If you’re happy with your charter or home-school curriculum options, but struggle to keep up in supporting your child’s enrichment, tutoring is a great way to augment their courses! We offer private and group tutoring, which allows for a more focused, instruction-driven session, as well as a Homework Café, where your child can ask questions about their homework. All sessions are led by enthusiastic, qualified instructors.

And More!

We offer a wide range of supplemental courses to help your child succeed.