1. What tutoring options are available?

We offer a variety of options for tutoring including:

  • Private (1:1 ratio) Our one-on-one tutoring option allows individual attention to students and always nets the best results.
  • Semi-private (up to 3:1 ratio) Our semi-private option allows you and a friend (s) who are in the same math or science course to sign up together and attend the same tutoring hour. If your child’s current grade in his or her class is less than a 75%, we highly suggest that you start with our one on one setting first.
  • Small Group (up to 3:1 ratio) Our small group groups students together who are in similar subjects. If your child’s current grade in his or her class is less than a 75%, we highly suggest that you start with our one on one setting first.
  • Homework Café: This is a great option for students in tutoring yet, come check out our homework café small groups (up to 4:1 ratio) for students in 4th through 8th grade who are not sure they need the one on one focused session and would like to focus more on homework help.

Come take a tour of our center and let us help you determine the best option that will suit your needs!

2. What subjects are available for tutoring?

We specialize in tutoring 4th grade through college level courses in mathematics and science. Our mathematic subjects tutored are Pre-Algebra through Calculus, and Statistics and our science subjects tutored are Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Additionally, we tutor all Advanced Placement and Honors courses.

3. What is the commitment?

To ensure we have the opportunity to help your child succeed, we require a minimum of once per week for the length of your contract.

4. What are your tutor’s qualifications?

Our instructors are selected teachers and top-notch college students. We choose instructors with solid math and science backgrounds, teaching experience, good communication skills and the ability to make learning interactive and fun. Our math tutors must have mastered all courses through the Calculus sequence. All of our instructors are required to participate in training and professional development training to insure that your child will receive instruction that is motivating, uses current instructional strategies and is pertinent to the work they are doing in their class at school.

5. What is the benefit of attending MSS center versus an in home tutoring service?

MSS Center

In-Home Tutor

  • WASC accredited
  • N/A
  • NCAA approved
  • N/A
  • Approved by the California Department of Education as a supplemental education service provider.
  • N/A
  • Providing the most current curriculum resources and curriculum, MSS instructors beyond tonight’s homework.
  • Use the student’s own materials only allowing them to focus on tonight’s homework
  • Trained staff & continued professional development provided to insure quality instruction
  • Even credentialed teacher and industry professionals have limited exposure to the entire school curriculum
  • Collaboration with the school District; professional associations (NCTM, CMC) to ensure correlation with current content standards. MSS has the ability to purchase the current curriculum including teacher materials
  • Limited access, if any
  • Flexibility to move appointments and more availability
  • Single tutors have limited availability
  • Environment facilitates acceptance of tutoring and encouragement because peers model the acceptance of tutoring as a whole and Our learning environment helps students focus on the task at hand
  • In home tutoring is convenient, however, students who work at home are isolated and feel that there is something wrong if they need tutoring. They are often distracted by siblings, cell phones, pets and other responsibilities making it more difficult to   stay on task
  • Students personal information is protected and their safety is assured with background checks
  • N/A
  • More options to add on additional support as needed with MSS as the largest institution of its kind in SCV
  • Limited due to their size and number of instructors qualified in math and science
  • Academic Planning, unbiased Testing. MSS uses diagnostics tests created by recognized sources not our own.
  • Other centers, franchises, and in home tutors use tests that are geared to sell services
  • Access to Enrichment Opportunities including: Mock Finals, Anxiety Workshop, Study Skills Workshop and so much more!
  • Limited in scope and opportunitiesLess likely to be consistent
  • When the need arises MSS is accredited and we can provide transferable courses which are accepted by school districts
  • Not applicable only a WASC accredited permits courses for credit.
  • You can count on MSS to be open year-round and have summer programs to fit any schedule
  • Limited availability
  • Over 20 years of experience serving students of all ability levels. Voted The Best Tutoring Center in SCV 2013
  • N/A

Transferable Courses

1. Is your school accredited and are your courses NCAA & UC a-g approved?

Yes, MSS achieved accreditation through Western Association of Schools and Colleges, a rigorous full self-study evaluation process insuring that our services meet the same strict criterion as your high school of attendance. Our courses are transferable to all WSHSD schools and many others.

MSS courses are approved by the NCAA Clearinghouse for high school athletes. Please visit NCAA clearinghouse to view our approved list of courses.

MSS courses are also UC a-g compliant.

2. Do your credits transfer?

Yes, our courses have been accepted by the William S. Hart School District and many additional school districts since 1997. Upon completion of a course MSS will send an official transcript to the student’s school of attendance. The school registrar is responsible for recording the course and grade according to the District policy.

Our courses have been accepted by many schools outside the William S Hart School District. We look forward to serving students and are happy to provide the necessary documentation to your school if necessary.

Albert Einstein AcademyAlemany High SchoolBurbank High SchoolCastaic Middle SchoolChaminade College PreparatoryCinco Ranch High SchoolCleveland High SchoolDesert Winds High School

Dripping Springs High School

Gorman Learning Center

Granada Hills High School

Hamilton High School

Hillcrest Christian High School

Hamilton High School

Irvine High School

LaJolla High SchoolLearning PostLos Angeles BaptistMontclair PrepQuartz Hill High SchoolRoyal High SchoolSanta Clarita ChristianSanta Rosa High School

Sequoia Charter School

Seton High School

Trinity Classical Academy

Vasquez High School

Village Christian High School

Villa-Park High School


3. Are your transferable courses accepted by colleges?

Yes, over 6,000 students have completed our courses and use them to satisfy college admission requirements since 1997. Our students have been accepted to Ivy League schools, Private Universities, UC’s, and Cal State Universities. Students may also use our courses to satisfy NCAA clearinghouse eligibility for athletic scholarships.

4. How do colleges view courses taken at MSS versus the student’s school of attendance?

Admission officers recognize that students who take challenging courses, going above and beyond the minimum requirements, have proven their commitment to education. Colleges and Universities are impressed with students who seek to improve their GPA and add to their resumes. This shows that your student has the tenacity and drive to succeed in college. Join the list of our students who have achieved their educational goals supported by our programs!

5. What curriculum do you use?

MSS bases our courses on the same curriculum materials as the William S. Hart School District. Our courses are aligned with Common Core Standards and the District’s pacing structure of each semester to ensure students are able to have a smooth transition back to their home school of attendance, if necessary.

6. What are your class sizes?

All of our courses are delivered in either a one on one or small group setting of less than 12 students per instructor. Our class size average in 8 students per instructor. Parents have several options to choose from that will meet the needs of the students. These options include private, semi-private, and group classes. Our courses are on site where students receive personalized. Most classes meet four hours per week in the classroom with their teacher. Students also attend discussion groups, as necessary, to retake exams and master homework assignments.

7. Are your courses taught in a classroom with a teacher?

Yes, MSS courses are taught onsite in a small classroom setting, with a live teacher, allowing for individualized attention necessary for all students.

SAT/ACT Workshop

1. How many college entrance exams are there?

There are 2 college entrance exams in the United States: SAT and ACT.


2. Where do I sign up for the SAT or ACT exams?

3. What does your workshop include?

Math Support Services’ program provides 22 hours of in-class instruction, 6 class sessions, a pre and post College Board practice test sessions in a proctored environment similar to the actual test, a Test Anxiety workshop, and a Roadmap to College Parent/Student journey to college workshop.

4. What sections are covered in your SAT/ACT workshop?

Our workshop covers all sections of both the SAT & ACT test including: English, Reading, Writing, Math and the ACT Science component. We teach with an emphasis on understanding the strategies of taking both of these exams in addition to the general knowledge discussed.

5. What are your class sizes?

We pride ourselves on the dynamic of our small classroom interactions. We run small class sizes (6-12 students) where students are given ample time for group discussion and the teacher provides valuable critiques and guidance.

6. What is your guarantee?

Our guarantee is your child will improve their score by 150 points between our pre and post examinations or they can attend additional workshop sessions at no additional cost. The student must have completed all assignments and have attended all classes to be eligible.

7. What are your instructors’ qualifications?

We require our instructors to have teaching experience within Math Support’s tutoring and teaching programs. All of our instructors possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, with many having advanced degrees. We screen our teaching staff for:

  • Exceptional teaching skills
  • History of academic excellence
  • Demonstration of expert-level knowledge of subjects
  • Prior teaching and mentoring skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Friendly, personable, and energetic!

8. What changes are coming for the SAT?


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