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Math Support Services began offering test prep courses over 20 years ago. As the first to offer an SAT/ ACT preparation workshop in the Santa Clarita Valley, we have helped hundreds of students achieve admissions to their dream schools. 

The SAT or ACT score is one of the primary factors used by colleges and universities in granting admission, while the PSAT score can qualify your child for certain scholarships. Our strategic approach to preparation will strengthen your child’s skills and maximize his or her score. A small investment in preparation now can improve your child’s opportunities for selection at the college or university of their of their choice. Our test preparation course provides all of the critical components necessary for results and more:

  • Motivational, fun, and interactive curriculum that has been tested over time
  • Staff that is well trained and comfortable with the style of both tests
  • Three full-length practice exams to measure progress along the way
  • One full year of additional testing at no charge
  • Digital materials FREE with class


Math Support Services’ program provides 32 total hours of instruction including three opportunities to take actual College Board tests in a proctored environment similar to the actual test. Students can continue to take unlimited additional practice exams for up to one year after their attendance.

  • powerful test taking strategies
  • advanced problem solving skills
  • strategy drills
  • basic math and grammar review
  • review of algebra and geometry
  • admissions help
  • test taking anxiety help
  • concentration and relaxation techniques
  • pre & post tests – full length tests released from the CollegeBoard!
  • student produced responses
  • writing workshop and analysis
  • verbal skills, critical reading, sentence completions
  • quantitative comparison

Test Anxiety Strategies

We teach our students how to mitigate test anxiety; how to conquer exams without blanking out or becoming nervous. Other companies do not provide this important topic in their workshops!

Diagnostic evaluation

All of our students will take a released College Board test at the onset of the program and a post-test examination at the end. Each of these exams will be used to identify a student’s strengths and weaknesses. We are proud that our students improve dramatically over the course of the workshop and continue to improve when they attend additional test sessions. Students who finish our workshop can come back and take as many additional practice tests as they please until they feel they are ready to take the exam. There is no additional cost for this service.

Teacher Interaction

We pride ourselves on the dynamic of our small classroom interactions. A large percentage of high school students find that they learn best in a classroom setting with an instructor in front of them. They need to be able to ask questions in order to get the most out of the content. Students zone out in front of a computer! Direct instruction nets the best comprehension. We run small classes (6 students) where students are given ample time for group discussion and the teacher provides valuable critiques and guidance.

College Planning

Math Support’s program is the only one that provides an overview of this important topic at no extra charge. Our Roadmap to College workshop is included as an added bonus for parents. Parents and students join us for an informative two hour session. Topics covered will include: financial aid, organizational timelines, attending a community college versus a four year school, how much math and science will make your child competitive, who needs to take the SAT Subject tests, how to frame your personal statement, volunteer work, and much more.

“Math Support Services class did a great job at preparing me for the SAT. We covered every section thoroughly. The individual attention made me more confident taking the SAT!”  Ericka M.

“Taking the MSS SAT class help me put into perspective what areas and subjects I actually needed to focus on. Math Support’s staff inspired and motivated me with their teaching methods and guided me through studying for the SAT. I was so happy with my great score!” Beverly M.

“This SAT class led me on the path towards achieving acceptance to UCLA!” Madison S. (increased her Score 150 points)

“Thank you Math Support for your assistance and for the effective SAT Prep course!” Megan E. (Increased her score 530 points)