My daughter told me today what a huge difference there is between MSS and the class at School. As a straight “A” student with the exception of math, this has boosted her confidence and she is looking forward to moving on to the 8th grade.  We will be continuing with Math Support this school year! WHAT A DIFFERENCE A GOOD TEACHER CAN MAKE!


Teri M.Satisfied Parent 2015

Thanks, Peggy.  The Chemistry tutoring is really helping. Travis is learning the importance of advocating for himself — and what that can lead to.  Outside of football coaches, I think you have had the greatest impact on him for setting academic goals — and reaching those. Thank you so much for the time and ideas you so graciously shared!

Karen L.Happy Parent!

Thank you so much for the all you have done for Eric.  Saying  “Thank you” is not enough! Truly, it is not enough!!!! I am so grateful!!

Carole N.Happy Parent!

I would just like to share with you that Jenna S. earned an A- in her honors Algebra II/Trig class!  I wanted to thank you for all so very much JR made the math concepts easier for her to understand!

Sue S.Happy Parent!

Years ago my daughter came for tutoring and we were so pleased with the results! She learned so much! She is now a Sophomore at Purdue majoring in Mechanical Engineering. We are now returning with our second child!

Theresa M.Happy Parent!

You won’t believe Rico’s results. MAJOR IMPROVEMENT on the ACT!!!! We are so happy that we enrolled him in your workshop. He increased from 19 to 28 overall!

Verna V.Happy Parent!

I was excited. I knew that I understood the material and that I would perform well if I stayed focused. Math Support definitely gave me more confidence in myself. I always felt like, even though I was in a small class of people, everyone was getting help with what they needed individually. The teachers are really good about helping EVERYONE. My pre-test was a 1835 and I increased my score to a 2070!

Lauren W.Successful Student!

Thank you Math Support for your assistance and for the effective SAT Prep course! (Increased her score 530 points)

Megan E.Successful Student!

This SAT class led me on the path towards achieving acceptance to UCLA!  (increased her Score 150 points)

Madison S.Successful Student!

Taking the MSS SAT class help me put into perspective what areas and subjects I actually needed to focus on. Math Support’s staff inspired and motivated me with their teaching methods and guided me through studying for the SAT. I was so happy with my great score!

Beverly M.Successful Student!

Math Support Services class did a great job at preparing me for the SAT. We covered every section thoroughly. The individual attention made me more confidence taking the SAT!

Erika M.Successful Student!

Hannah worked so hard during your SAT class and to have College Board flag her test was devastating!  You reassured me that they flagged her test because of how much she had improved between her tests (over 300 points!). So I would really like to thank you for helping Hannah with taking another practice SAT class and the tutoring session. Hannah did awesome!  She scored a 2050!  Thanks so much for everything and you’ll be seeing Hannah again very soon!

Hannah B.Happy Parent!